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Backyardigans: Escape From the Tower
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Backyardigans: Escape From the Tower

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Escape from the Tower is the Backyardigans as you never seen them before! Join the adventure with Tasha and Uniqua as two beautiful Princesses locked in a Tower. Will they escape the Tower guards Pabloe and Tyrone? Find out in this all new DVD. There are four episodes on this DVD for a total approximate runtime of 100 minutes.



Run Time: 96

Release Date: 5/8/2012


Product Details:
Format: Multiple Formats, Animated, Color, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English
Number of Discs: 1
Studio: Nickelodeon
Run Time: 96 minutes
DVD Release Date: March 30, 2010
Average Customer Rating: based on 33 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 33 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

22 of 26 found the following review helpful:

3Only three episodesApr 11, 2010
By Amy Mcfarland "Mom of 2"
My children love the Backyardigans. They get limited TV each day, and they always pick Backyardigans when it's time to watch something. It's a terrific show for preschoolers - singing, dancing, adventures, friends. We have most of their DVDs, and just about all are wonderful start to finish.
When I saw this new DVD, I knew my kids would be thrilled. None of these episodes have aired on TV (at least that we've seen) and they're all pretty good. My son loves the Los Galacticos, as it features a space ship with aliens (Uniqua and Austin) trying to put green goo on everything in sight. Also included is the Sock Factory and Escape the Tower.
The downfall for this DVD is that it features only three episodes, and none of them are double-length. For the fourth episode, the makers put a Freshbeat Band episode on. Thumbs down!! Had this been marketed for less than the other DVDs, I would have felt far less cheated. Since all of their other DVDs have had four episodes (or 3 with one being double-length) this one seems like it's been thrown together and packaged with filler. Did they not want to wait for a fourth episode before going to production?? Are they using this to push the Freshbeat Band?
Bottom line, these are cute episodes. Not quite as good as Super Secret Super Spy or Mighty Knights, but cute and typical for Backyardigans. Worth the full price since there's a half hour of advertising? Debatable.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

3Only 3 Episodes?May 08, 2010
By blyoung "blyoung"
Our girls love the Backyardigans, and we have collected all the dvds. They always love watching the show when it comes on Treehouse, and when we're traveling they play the dvd's in the van.

So I know a thing or two about the show and the dvd series. And each dvd has always had two hours worth of Backyardigans. Either four single episodes, or a double-length two parter and two single episodes.

This dvd is only 90 minutes long. Three single episodes. Collectors get to pay full price for 3/4's worth of value. Forget the "bonus" material - it's annoying. If that show was worth anything, people would buy it without being coerced in this way. It's certainly not the new "Wiggles" or anything.

However.... the 3 episodes are still great. I'd hate to recommend not buying this, because these shows are quite engaging and entertaining, and are not inferior in terms of typical Backyardigans quality.

Enjoy the three episodes, but skip over the stupid bonus at the end.

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

3Three Backyardigans Episodes - 5 stars. "Bonus" FreshBeat - 1 starApr 29, 2010
By Lynn Piell Rogala
My daughter is a Backyardigans addict. We have all the DVDs and most of the paraphernalia. "Gagains" was one of her first words. She's sitting on my lap right now listening to Backyardigans on iTunes. So I think we have cred to give this review.

I pre-ordered this DVD when I saw it was coming out and was very excited to have more variety to throw into our mix. The three episodes included are very cute and were a big hit with my daughter (22 months) and her cousin (29 months). In particular they loved Break-out (60s girl band music) and For the Love of Socks (Indian music). Even my sister's teen/tweens liked Break-out.

But a negative 564 stars for including an episode of The Fresh Beat Band in place of a fourth episode. If I wanted a Fresh Beat Band DVD I would buy it. And vomit while I burned it. The show is soooo stupid! If it was included as a "bonus" special feature I could stomach it. But I feel very cheated, in particular because the Christmas episode "The Action Elves Save Christmas" (yes, we watch a LOT of Backyardigans in my house, but no other kids' TV :) could have been included.

I'll be interested to see if Nick continues this trend. I'm planning a letter to them as well.

Amazon keeps changing the price on this DVD so the bottom line is it's worth it around $11 but not at the higher prices I've seen.

19 of 24 found the following review helpful:

5Description of episodes on this DVDMar 25, 2010
By Beth
In case you are wondering, based on info I found online, the episodes on this DVD *should* be:

1) Break Out! "Sister princesses Tasha and Uniqua have been locked up in the castle tower for a very long time, but they plan to break out with the help of their magic mirror (Austin). However, castle guards Pablo and Tyrone, along with their security camera and traps don't plan to make this easy for them."

2) Los Galacticos: "Tyrone, Pablo and Tasha are the world-famous Mariachi band Los Galacticos. After receiving a new tour bus, they quickly learn that it's actually a spaceship! After accidentally launching themselves into space, and learning that Earth is in danger of attack from the Googors (Austin and Uniqua), they decide it is their duty to defend the Earth. Too bad they have no idea how to fly the ship yet."

3) For The Love of Socks! "Static-tester Pablo, Sockwatcher Tyrone and Folder Uniqua work in the world's sock factory, under the watchful eye of Foreman Tasha. But, when the sock machine goes berserk after Tasha loses her pencil in it, they enter the machine's cavernous depths to find it. Using their specific skills, can they find Tasha's pencil so the machine can run properly, or will it get away from them again?"

I can't find a fourth episode listed anywhere - it is possible that "Break Out!" is a double-length episode.

14 of 19 found the following review helpful:

1Stay away from this one!!Apr 09, 2010
By Brennan Enos "Brennan Enos"
My 2 sons (19 months and 4) love the Backyardigans and I even enjoy watching episodes with them before bedtime. We own several of the DVDs and keep about 20 episodes saved on our DVR. When this one came out, I ordered it right away as I've done with all their recent releases. However, both me and my sons were bitterly disapointed to find out that it only has 3 episodes (and no double length one as some with only 3 do) and a "bonus" episode of the Fresh Beat Band which Nickelodeon has been trying to shove down everyone's throats for months now. It is a horrible show that makes me want to open a vein. There are a dozen WONDERFUL Backyardigans DVDs out there, don't waste your time with this one.

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